Blackwing Holdings Announces Acquisition of IEC Infrared Systems

June 7, 2013 11:11 AM

 Cleveland, Ohio – June 7, 2011 - Blackwing Holdings announces the acquisition of IEC Infrared Systems, a multi-disciplinary engineering design manufacturer that specializes in infrared cameras, thermal imaging systems and sensors. IEC Infrared Systems is the technological leader in the design and manufacture of integrated thermal and visual imaging surveillance systems. IEC’s tactical surveillance systems are used in military, homeland security, critical infrastructure and high value asset protection for the United States government and military as well as numerous commercial users.  This is the second acquisition for Blackwing in the defense industry, following the 2011 acquisition of Precision Remotes, a manufacturer of remotely operated weapons (ROWS) and surveillance platforms. “We are very excited to provide the financial strength and global reach of Blackwing to expand the market leading technologies of IEC Infrared Systems, “stated Donald Deubler, CEO of Blackwing Holdings. According to Richard Pettegrew, Ph.D., Vice-President and General Manager of IEC Infrared Systems, “This partnership will expand and accelerate our market growth by leveraging Blackwing’s and Precision Remotes’ engineering and manufacturing strengths with IEC’s  design excellence and technological innovations, to meet the ever changing needs of our security customers".  Jack Stephens, Vice-President and General Manager of Precision Remotes stated, “IEC brings the highest quality surveillance technology together with PRL’s non-lethal and lethal force security solutions, providing long range surveillance, detection and instant reaction capabilities for our customers”.  Blackwing is a Chicago based holding company focused on developing innovative, high quality technology leading manufacturing firms worldwide.               

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