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The new SCORPION T360S M134 is designed as a precision remote controlled area weapon for special applications such as High Security Facilities, Aircraft, Naval and Special Warfare Operations.  The modified TRAP ROWS platform provides an excellent mobile mount for the Dillon M134 with ground mounted 2500, 3500 or 4500 cans.  

The SCORPION is fully stabilized for optimal performance and also utilizes Precision Remotes new target tracking feature to track multiple target and putting lead on the target quickly and precisely with maximum affect.   The SCORPION T360S M134 provides maximum firepower and allows the operator to remain out of harms way and able to survive the firefight and deliver hell to the enemy. The SCORPION also give you unequaled mobility so you can change vehicles and change missions with the same ROWS.   The T360S is fully self contained and does not need to be build into your vehicle, boat or aircraft, YOU CAN MOVE IT IN ABOUT 10 minutes.  No other ROWS manufacturer can offer this kind of versatility to protect the war fighter and give them a real advantage in a firefight.

If you would like a demonstration and quote on the latest in ROWS technology, please email us at sales@precisionremotes.com or call 1-510-215-6474.   







The "Kraken" System combines Radar, Surveillance Cameras, Unmanned Ground Sensors (UGS), Gunshot Detection and two Precision Remotes TRAP-T360 Remote-Controlled Weapons.

At White Sand Missile Range, N.M. the Army recently evaluate this cutting-edge force-protection system which combines radar, surveillance cameras, unmanned sensors, gunshot detection and remotely-controlled weapons. The sensor and weapons are combined into a single, integrated system that can scan surrounding terrain for threats, alert Soldiers of ptential imminent danger and provide them options to respond. Precison Remotes weapon systems are part of the system because of the high quality of our equipment, susvivability and experitse in layered response with suveillance, detection and response by non-lethal or lethal force. 

The Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protectin System, or COSFPS, nicknamed "KRAKEN" after the mythological sea creature with many heads, was evaluated as part of the Army's 3,800-Soldier strong Network Integration Evaluation, or NIE at White Sands.

The Kraken utilizes two advanced Precision Remotes TRAP T-360 remotely operated weapons systems which can accomodate an M249 Semi-Automatic Weapon or an M240 machine gun for defense. The remote weapon's stations have night vision capabilities with a theraml digital zoom and target tracking. The Kraken along with PRL is showing quantitaively-significant operational utility fo the warfighter. 





The M240SLR Combined Actuator is a mechanical device that manipulates the weapon's charging handle and safety button.  By automating these functions, the important process of "immediate action" is possible without weapon sear damage.  The actuator provides the user the ability to take immediate corrective action to return a previously jammed weapon to a functional state.  It eliminates the need to set the weapon to "fire" before manipulating the charging handle.  Additionally, the user has the option of delaying the chambering of a round until the last possible second.  This is important because it eliminates the customer concern of having a loaded weapon during non-combat operations.  For example, the weapon can be made ready to fire as it is deployed from a T360FS weapon housing.

Depending on the customer’s command and control needs, the charging actuator software can be tailored to meet customer implementation requirements with minimal effort.


Precision Remotes versatile TRAP T360 works very well from a Helicopter mount allowing remote control of the weapon platform by the co-pilot or a protected gunner. It can also be easily moved to any type of vehicle with a NATO standard ring mount in less than FIVE minutes and be fully operational without tools or any other accessories or modification to the vehicle. This mobility, light weight and precision targeting are why todays top professions only rely on the best!!  TRAP T360 ROWS Best in Class for todays military.


Precision Remotes has created NetROWS which allows a single soldier operator to control multiple tactical ROWS from one location. In this video the T192 Sniper Backpack Kit deployed with the Barrett M82 and is networked with the T360 - M2/.50 and a T360 -M240.  Observe how one operator can lay down heavy firepower to secure an area, so NetROWS is the real deal as a force multiplier. 



Automated Security Response Device to provide SECURITY, SURVIVABILITY and INTEROPERABILITY SYSTEM designed to protect interdependent critical infrastructures and thwart adversaries at the point of attack

Banshee’s 360o uncooled LWIR thermal imaging camera for complete site situational awareness is integrated with a mid to long range thermal and visual assessment camera and non-lethal deterrence package. 


Banshee is an integrated sensor and alarming solution designed to provide detection, assessment and deterrence of threats to both military and commercial operation sites.  The Banshee incorporates an uncooled LWIR 360o panoramic thermal camera that provides a complete live 360o thermal image in all weather conditions.  The 360o camera can detect humans to 300m and vehicles to 600m.  Upon detection of a threat, the IEC Werewolf assessment camera will slew to the target and provide recognition and identification of the threat.  Various thermal and visual payloads can be integrated as assessment cameras.  Once the threat is identified, the system utilizes a Max-Beam 12 million-candle power spotlight, Laser Dazzler and LRAD to deter the intruder.  All of this is easily controlled from a single PC by a single operator using IEC’s IntrudIR Alert® Command and Control Middleware.


For more information and pricing call 440-234-8000 or email us at info@iecinfrared.com




   noun: [drag?n/]

1. a mythical monster like a giant reptile “made real by IEC & PRL” to watch, warn and protectyour castle.


  • SURVEILLANCE -  Search and See all Threats
  • IEC Thermal/visual payload with laser range finder, for accurate targeting in all weather 
  • Cameras are separate from gun system, can spot targets independently
  • LRU approach: all payloads can be taken off, swapped out with no tools
  • DETECT – To Intelligently Identify and Track Intruders
  • Middleware: IEC Intruder Alert
  • Gives easy ‘point-to-click’ user interface, using panoramic image to give context
  • Slew to cue target on contact.
  • All systems controlled from one interface, by one user
  • Can be integrated with other sensors (UGS, Ground Surveillance Radars)
  • Can communicate with other C2 (Command & Control) platforms                                              
  • System covers all tactical aspects: all-weather target detection, threat assessment, target geo-location, then stepped EOF response
  • EOF Modular full range of escalation of force
  • Maxbeam 12M Candle Power Ultra Bright Spot Light – To Illuminate
  • LRAD 300 X, Long Range Acoustical Device – To Warn


  • Laser Dazzler – Beam to Temporarily Disorient Intruder
  • CTS Venom V1040 Grenade Launcher – 38/44/66mm, Smoke, Gas, Extended Range Warning Flash-Bang, Multi-4 Flash-Bang, Launcher is Independent and can be targeted separately. – To Warn
  • Lethal Grenade Munitions – To Disable
  • PRL T360 ROWS –Fully Stabilized Remotely Operated Weapon
  • Station with 7.62 x 51 mm M240 Bravo Machine Gun –To Mitigate the Threat






The WASP ( Wide Area Surveillance Protection Platform)  is IEC Infrared and Precision Remotes response to the US Army's call for advanced forward operating base protection in wooded and forested enviroments. The WASP is a rapidly deployable trailer based force protection system providing advanced warning to insure threats to base perimeters are detected and communicated as early as possible. Command and Control can also remotely respond to threats with a non-lethal or very lethal solution 24 hours a day in all weather conditions. 

  • 360 Coverage with the IEC Werewolf with long and short range night and day cameras.
  • PRL Trap T-360 Remotely Operated Weapons System 
  • Will-Burt Stiletto HD Military Mast - wieght capacity 400 pounds
  • ViperIR Command and Control Software integrates with most systems.
  • Detection sensors integration includes radar, acoustic, visual and unmanned ground sensors (UGS)
  • Fully opertional  in 20 minutes, self contained, compact supply can be deployed without resupply for 10 days.



  1. Surveillance for temporary FORWARD OPERATING BASES
  2. Border Surveillance
  3. Major Event Surveillance and Crowd Control
  4. Protection of CONSTRUCTION SITES
  5. Protection of OIL and GAS INFRASTRUCTURE